Our Groups


Tadpoles ministry (4&5 year olds) is designed to build foundational relationships between father and son.  Therefore, fathers (or a Christian Brother) are required to attend and participate in all activities with their sons.  Activities include: games, crafts, prayer, story time,  and snacks in a relaxing, character building atmosphere.


Tree Climbers

Tree Climbers is the group for the boys 6 to 7.  Fathers and sons (and in some cases, grandfathers and grandsons) spend time together with the purpose of teaching their sons what it means to follow Christ.  As Christians, we all share a common interest to see our boys grow up to become confident, well-balanced men who live lives devoted to Christ.  It’s the perfect age to start bonding with your son(s). Activities include: games, bible lessons and scripture memory, life skills, achieving award badges, and snack time.  Many of the activities we conduct are designed to encourage teamwork, honesty, fair play, listening to instructions, and respect for authority.




Sentinels is the group for boys 10 to 11.  The focus is to guide boys to understand the importance of receiving Christ for salvation, to learn God’s Word for growth, and to develop spiritual maturity for service.  It also gives fathers the opportunity to spend quality time with their sons to develop deeper trust and companionship between father and son.  Activities include: games, Bible Study, scripture memory, life skill development, story telling, and snack time.
“The things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others” (2 Timothy 2:2)



Battalion is for boys ages 12 to 18.  Here the emphasis is on spiritual growth, real-life application skills, and Christian leadership.   They are thought of as young men, not boys anymore.  As they mature, they are asked to make leadership decisions, and learn how to recall and demonstrate what they have learned and studied to manage life’s challenges.  Topics include:  Stewardship, First Aid, Strategy and Tactical Games, Effective Quiet Time, World View, Business Etiquette, Automotive Maintenance, Leadership, Boating, Creation Science, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Computers, Outdoor Survival, and Hunter Safety.  This is the age when there are many unwholesome distractions diluting young men in our society.  The importance of Christian fellowship and guidance from other Christian men becomes vitally important.